2.4. ISAcreator for SEURAT-1

2.4. Understanding ISA-TAB Studies

The Study nodes are denoting the study subjects (biological samples) and the Assay Nodes describe the experiment itself. The samples processing might be more complex than a single step. There could be multiple protocols involved. These could describe biological sample handling, but also data processing. There are means to assign characteristics, protocol parameters and factor.

ISA-TAB Study description

The named nodes may have additional qualifications * – e.g. Characteristics, Factor values, Material types, Terms (from a defined ontology), Units, etc., as in the next figure. There could be multiple protocols involved (examples follow).

* http://isatab.sourceforge.net/docs/ISA-TAB_release-candidate-1_v1.0_24no... 2.2 Study file. In this file, information is structured on a per-row basis with the first row being used for column headers. The Study file contains contextualizing information for one or more assays, for example; the subjects studied; their source(s); the sampling methodology; their characteristics; and any treatments or manipulations performed to prepare the specimens. See also section 4.2.

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