Toxbank Requirements Analysis Group

Requirements Analysis Group

The ToxBank Requirements Analysis Group (RAG) works on analysing the requirements of all researchers on the SEURAT program for carrying out their research. This includes:

a) the analysis of the data, chemical and biomaterials needs required by researchers to achieve their work goals,
b) requirements to achieve an interoperable, extensible and standardised support system of services and resources,
c) requirements to carry out integrated data analysis and predictive model building across multiple sources of evidence from interdisciplinary research activities, and
d) requirements for achieving validation and acceptance of testing methods developed by the program.

Technology Architecture Group

The ToxBank Technology Architecture Group (TAG) designs the architecture of technical solutions to satisfy the requirements of researchers on the SEURAT program. The group discusses standards, interoperability, ontology, services, platforms, interfaces, components and other scientific and engineering topics relevant to the design of ToxBank support infrastructure.