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ToxBank data warehouse on ChemicalWatch

ToxBank data warehouse on ChemicalWatch

An EU project called ToxBank has launched its “data warehouse”, containing detailed test data from Seurat-1, the EU’s largest collaborative project on alternative testing (CW 8 May 2014). The data warehouse is publicly available upon request. The database brings together data from a wide variety of experiments to allow an “integrated analysis of the evidence”, says Barry Hardy, ToxBank scientific coordinator from technology development company, Douglas Connect.

JRC Hepatotoxicity dataset

JRC Hepatotoxicity dataset available within ToxBank

Evaluating the risk of liver toxicity is a major issue, and there is still no established in vitro screening strategy to reliably identify potentially hepatotoxic chemicals. In the approach described here, a mode-of-action targeted analysis of the literature has been used to identify toxicity pathways and the key biological events associated with them.