JRC Hepatotoxicity dataset

JRC Hepatotoxicity dataset available within ToxBank
JRC Hepatotoxicity dataset available within ToxBank

We are delighted to communicate that ToxBank have made publicly available in their Data Warehouse (https://services.toxbank.net/),  the complete data sets from the JRC HTS study:

Hepatotoxicity Screening taking a Mode-of-Action approach using HepaRG and High Content Analysis

Evaluating the risk of liver toxicity is a major issue, and there is still no established in vitro screening strategy to reliably identify potentially hepatotoxic chemicals. In the approach described here, a mode-of-action targeted analysis of the literature has been used to identify toxicity pathways and the key biological events associated with them.

This knowledge has then been used to design a multi-parametric high-throughput screening assay based on the quantification of fluorescently stained biomarkers expressed by treated HepaRG cells. Quantitative high-throughput screening was employed using a 96-well plate format, which facilitated the testing of a set of 92 reference chemicals with known hepatotoxic activity. We exposed HepaRG cells to 16-point serial concentrations to generate dose-response profiles. By determining the POD (point of departure), the test chemicals were then associated with different mode-of-action based categories.

(Mennecozzi, M., Landesmann, B., Harris, G.A., Liska, R., & Whelan, M. (2012). Hepatotoxicity Screening Taking a Mode-Of-Action Approach Using HepaRG Cells and HCA. Altex Proceedings, of WC8 1/12, 193-204.)

All data and relevant background information to this study is available in the ToxBank Data Warehouse. In case you have any queries with respect to this study please contact the JRC study contact point as indicated in the Data Warehouse.