2.5. ISAcreator ISA-TAB

2.5. Understanding ISA-TAB Assays

A study may contain one or more assays. An assay is defined by the endpoint measured (i.e. gene expression) and the technology employed (i.e. DNA microarray). This is described in the Investigation file. The ISA-TAB assay file contains metadata only. The data itself is in external files, which are referred from the Assay file.

Understanding ISA-TAB Assays

This section contains technical information (e.g. links to the source code) and background on the ISAcreator that is tailored for SEURAT-1 use. If you have installed the software, available from the help page of the ToxBank Data Warehouse, you may also proceed to the section 5 of the dose-response study upload or the section 6 for an omics study.

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2.6. Technical information about the SEURAT-1/ToxBank ISAcreator