1.1. Data Warehouse objectives

1.1.ToxBank Data Warehouse

The key objectives for the data warehouse (DW) are to:

Establish and house a centralized compilation of linked data and modelling resources from all SEURAT-1 projects (both experimental and processed data) in addition to public data from high-quality repeated-dose in vivo and in vitro studies;
Develop web-based interfaces for linking and loading data into the DW as well as accessing the data and associated modelling results, including methods for searching and data mining the data in the DW;
Design and implement an interoperable system enabling the integration of tools and distributed resources from multiple sources including project partners and other projects (e.g., FP6, FP7, IMI, ToxCast etc.).
Establish storage capabilities of consistently annotated toxicological dose-response and ‘omics datasets in the DW in ISA-Tab format.

You can find further information on the ToxBank Data Warehouse, the design of the Gold Compounds wiki and about data analysis options in a recent publication (Kohonen et al. 2013). The paper is Open Access and available at: The ToxBank Data Warehouse: Supporting the Replacement of In Vivo Repeated Dose Systemic Toxicity Testing.

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1.2. The TG-GATEs toxicogenomics dataset