4.4. Step-by-step instructions for creating datasets (dose-response)

4.4. The data file

The actual readouts are stored in separate files; the names of the files should be stored in the relevant positions in the assay file (the last two columns in the figure above). The file formats in principle could be of arbitrary (or technology specific, e.g. .CEL files), but should include the assay names, as defined in the assay ISA-TAB files. The following figure shows two simple spread sheets, one (acetaminophen-plate1-data.txt) contains the raw data, and the other (ic50.txt) contains the derived IC50 values. Note the Assay Name and Dose Response Name columns contain the exact same identifiers, as defined in the Assay file above.

Creating datasets (dose-response)

The files for this example are included in the ISAcreator.SEURAT version.

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