2.1. ISAcreator for SEURAT-1

2.1. Introduction

The ToxBank data warehouse (TBDW) provides a web-accessible shared repository of know-how and experimental results to support the SEURAT-1 cluster. The information within the TBDW is uploaded from the research activities of the cluster partners as well as relevant data and protocols from other sources, such as public databases containing toxicogenomics data.

The project is taking advantage of existing open standards, particularly the OpenTox project, Investigation/Study/Assay (ISA) infrastructure (ISA-TAB) format and tools and semantic web technologies.

Extensions were made to the OpenTox framework and ISA-TAB tools to support additional activities needing services by ToxBank within SEURAT-1. Ontologies and a domain-specific ToxBank keyword hierarchy are used to enrich datasets by adding enough experimental metadata to make the archives comprehensible and reusable.

Link to the Search the Data Warehouse video Tutorial.

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2.2. What is ISA-TAB?