Development of new toxicity assays

Development and validation of new toxicity assays for industrial application and regulatory acceptance

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Presenting Author: Dr J Malcolm Wilkinson, Kirkstall Ltd

AUTHORS: J Malcolm Wilkinson and Dr Robert Coleman

The challenges involved in the development of a new in vitro method of assessing cardiotoxicity of drug candidates are highlighted in this short presentation. The first stage is the building of a sound scientific basis for the new method. However that is just the start because many other hurdles exist before an easy to use test method is accepted by industry, especially if the new method has to displace an established one. Economic, scientific and ethical motivations can all play their part.



Dr J Malcolm Wilkinson

Malcolm WilkinsonDr Wilkinson is the Chief Executive Officer of Kirkstall Ltd. Prior to founding Kirkstall Ltd.,he managed a high technology consulting company after having had a career in high technology product development both in large corporations as well as start-ups.  He has had senior roles in most important functions from R&D through to sales and marketing. In the consulting company he supported spin-outs from Universities and raised over $15 million from Venture capital and regional development funds. He has a BA from Oxford University, MSc from Southampton and did his PhD research at Middlesex University. 

He is has been a visiting Lecturer for FSRM, Neuchatel, Switzerland, on the subject of Micro and Nanotechnology in Biomedical Engineering for over 10 years.

Dr Wilkinson is co-author on several papers on in-vitro models of toxicity and a contributing editor of a recently published book on In-Vitro Testing. He is a champion for the use of leading edge technology to replace animal testing for the development of safe drugs, nutraceuticals, chemicals and cosmetics.