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OpenTox USA 2013

The SEURAT-1 strategy is to adopt a mode-of-action framework to describe repeated dose toxicity to derive predictions of in vivo toxicity responses. ToxBank is the cross-cluster infrastructure project whose activities include the development of a data warehouse to provide a web-accessible shared repository of research data and protocols.

OpenTox Euro 2013

The SEURAT-1 (Safety Evaluation Ultimately Replacing Animal Testing-1) research cluster is comprised of seven EU FP7 Health projects and is co-financed by Cosmetics Europe. The aim is to generate a proof-of-concept to show how the latest in vitro and in silico technologies, systems toxicology and toxicogenomics can be combined to deliver a test replacement for repeated dose systemic toxicity testing on animals.

ToxBank Introduction

Barry Hardy, PhD, managing director Douglas Connect GmbH

An introduction to ToxBank and its knowledge acceleration and sharing framework for 21st century safety assessment purposes (i.e., based on an integration of human biology evidence). By Dr. Barry Hardy, Managing Director, Douglas Connect GmbH